Be in touch

When we were closed in our residences during Covid 19 Pandemie our contact without side world was possible only thru a digital screen. I am quite haptic person, for exploring of space I have to use my hands. 

Also, this way includes many problems, stuff could be broken or person could be infected. How to find a balance and don’t dive into a visual aquarium.  With “Be in touch” I try to figure out with
this situation.

“Be in touch” is created from collected silk papers, unfortunately is silk paper very common material in the packing industry. It could be found in a box of shoes or flowers, glass… are so oft packed into it. Amazing material with awesome haptic
possibilities, which will not be throw away. All paper used for this piece was collected during my everyday activities. Sometimes help me my family and friends.

For final
structure have to be silk paper wrapped, folded, crumpled, stretched and glued on
the background.

Size: 100x180 cm   Year: 2020


House of cards 2019 50x50x50 cm

Paravane 2019/2020 160×160 cm

Sometimes I have a feeling that my interaction with the outside world is connected only thru a transparent wall. Visualisation of distance was transformed into the game of shadows and light, surfaces to variation of colour and rhythmic frequency. From the touching experiences happened only an imaginations game and memories on stories where I meet them and how they communicate with me.

When I started to deal with my feeling of a reduction of touching experiences, I found an interesting essay from Ruba Kathrib “Materials are Talking and Walking” which changed my view on how to understand the world around us.  She mentioned that we are not even separated from our environment and the environment is not anymore separated from us. Thru breathing and touching we are sharing our microscopical particle of our skin and our germ thru breathing stay them on the surfaces or in an air, of course it works in opposite direction particular from environment entry to our body thru touching and breathing and happening to  be a part of us same like we are part of all surfaces, which we already touched and in all environment in which we already breathed. 

During my residency in Egon Schiele Art Centrum I focused on the possibility to use a graphite like a sculpture material. From the first idea to use graphite like a stone, I decided to think about his natural properties and traditional use in Art. Graphite has perfect property to stick on a surface which it already touched and unremoved like a scotch tape.

Projects with Gravidity group

Please change your clothes I.II Site specific instalation and performance 2019
Please change your clothes!
Every day we change our identity, through changing our clothes. We work
with an idea of a changing room in the exhibition’s space. What is this
hidden space for us? How one can change the borders between intimacy,
exhibitionism and voyeurism. Are these borders just fabric of a curtain?
Trilobite 2018, performance

looking for a fossil, looking for a legacy, looking for a past, looking for a future, looking for a space where I should belong to, random pieces of puzzles, where I could discover myself

All have an own culture 2018, 3 pools with SCOBY
Culture of textiles,
Culture of dressing,
Culture of people,
Culture of living,
Culture of sustainability,
Culture of bacteria and yeast

Space between

Collection of textile objects 2017/18

 These objects inspired  one of my memories from the childhood. I remember on a child toy, it wasn’t a toy in an objects sense, it was more like an environment.  Fabric tunnel and two circles. The tunnel to unknown/know, could be short or long, straight, twisted or round, how we needed.

This corridor means for me a gate, way thru dark to light at the end of tunnel. My corridors are gates, dark something, what seemingly going thru as well, but it is only an illusion.

I would like to go thru a wall like a ghost or hitting with head to wall till it falls.