Be in touch

When we
were closed in our residence during a pandemic by Covid 19 our contact withoutside world was possible only thru a digital screen. I am quite hapticperson, for exploring of space I have to use my hands. 

Also, thisway includes many problems, stuff could be broken or person could be infected. Howto find a balance and don’t dive into a visual aquarium.  With “Be in touch” I try to figure out with
this situation.

“Be intouch” is created from collected silk papers, unfortunately is silk paper very commonmaterial in the packing industry. It could be found in a box of shoes or flowers, glass… are so oft packed into it. Amazing material with awesome haptic
possibilities, which will not be throw away. All paper used for this piece wascollected during my everyday activities. Sometimes help me my family andfriends.

For final
structure have to be silk paper wrapped, folded, crumpled, stretched and glued on
the background.

Size: 100x180 cm   Year: 2020

Přehrát video
Přehrát video