Exhibition in collaboration with Michael Franče in Čáslav.

WHITE, BLACK and PINK is the title of the fourth exhibition in which the artist duo Lucie Jestřabíková and Michael Franče are collaborating. Together they have collaborated on several exhibitions both abroad and in the Czech Republic.
They met together during study at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty in Pilsen. They both studied traditional arts in Asia for several semesters. Lucie Jestřabíková in Taiwan NTUA Chinese painting and calligraphy and Michael Franče traditional crafts at ISI in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The inspiration from Asia is clear in their work.
Another connecting element is their approach to sculpture; Jestřabíková works with conceptual sculpture, while Franče works between sculpture, applied art and design. An interest in experimenting with materials is another common element of their work. Lucie Jestřabíková tries to find and develop the artistic possibilities of common and often non-artistic media and materials in her artwork, for example: kombucha, thermal paper, raw graphite. Michael Franče's motto is "Do it yourself!" where he emphasizes experimentation with traditional materials (ceramics, porcelain, glass, wood) to create unique authorial techniques. The exhibition WHITE, BLACK and PINK subsequently brings together the three main colours often found in the work of both artists.





In 2021 Deggendorf is going to become the centre of International Paper Art once again!

Already for the 5th time, the City- and Craft-Museum is going to present the Paper Global, the International Paper Arts Triennale. The focus is on the large judged art exhibition of paper art. The new date of the exhibition opening is 2nd October 2021. The exhibition will be on show until 6th March 2022.
On 3rd October we are going to celebrate a large paper festival where the focus will be on the popular paper market with high-quality craftsmanship made of paper only.