Please change your clothes II.

Site specific installation for  Das Gift Raum in Berlin include performance and workshop.
1.3.-3.3.2019 Das Gift Raum, Berlin (DE)
In collaboration with Gravidity group.
Please change your clothes! Every day we change our identity, through changing our clothes. We work with an idea of a changing room in the exhibition’s space. What is this hidden space for us? How one can change the borders between intimacy, exhibitionism and voyeurism. Are these borders just fabric of a curtain?


Exhibition Nude

Site specific instalation in collaboration with Zuzana Štefková

24.5.-26.5.2018 Slezan, not even working a textil factory Slezan in Frýdek-Místek (CZ) 

photos by Michaela Čížková

All have an own culture 2018, 3 pools with SCOBY

Culture of textiles,
Culture of dressing,
Culture of people,
Culture of living,
Culture of sustainability,
Culture of bacteria and yeast

Exhibition In line

6.6-10.5.2018 Zeitgenießische Gallery in Heidelberg. (DE)

These objects inspired  one of my memories from the childhood. I remember on a child toy, it wasn’t a toy in an objects sense, it was more like an environment.  Fabric tunnel and two circles. The tunnel to unknown/know, could be short or long, straight, twisted or round, how we needed.

This corridor means for me a gate, way thru dark to light at the end of tunnel. My corridors are gates, dark something, what seemingly going thru as well, but it is only an illusion.

I would like to go thru a wall like a ghost or hitting with head to wall till it falls.


Exhibition for introverts

6.11.2017-12.1.2018 Castle Gallery in Zruč nad Sázavou (CZ)

in cooperation with Anastasia Stročková, photos by Marek Volf 

objects for an exhibition in the Castle gallery in Zruč nad Sázavou.

Visitor, which come into the exhibition space is mostly confronted with another visitors. Visitor try to avoid to another and not stand in the way and in same time to explore the art works and take own feeling to home. It is not so easily, because another visitors are debating about exhibition and changing our meaning. Is it possible create a space, where could  have our visitor time to exploring an art piece without environment effect?


28.1.-28.2.2017 StolleGallery in Český Krumlov (C0Z)

During my residency in Egon Schiele Art Centrum I focused on the possibility to use a graphite like a sculpture material. From the first idea to use graphite like a stone, I decided to think about its natural properties and traditional use in Art. 

Graphite has perfect property to stick on a surface which it already touched and hold like a scotch tape.


17.11-20.11.2015 Small Gallery VSUP, NIKA in Subway station Karlovo Namesti, Prague (CZ)

I tried to fill a glass with my tears and create a water to share and solve a problems with deficiency of water on the Earth. This nonsense gesture reflexed a contemporary tactic to solve reasons and problems with immigration.

drawing documentation by Anastasia Stročková